ince the beginning BANKA Machine have been focused on providing superior quality Lathe Machine to our Clients. BANKA Machine is renowned Lathe Machine Exporter and Supplier of All Gear Lathe machine with different 6 models.Our head office is situated at Rajkot and having more than 6000 Square meter production facility to have robust construction of Lathe machines. We have well established infrastructure that enables us to carry out our business operations effectively.

BANKA Machine was founded in 1977, follow the management concept of focus on machine tools manufacturing. We deliver All Gear Lathe Machines as our core product. BANKA continues to lead the industry in innovation, to serve our clients and to deliver easily operable, highly efficient Lathe machines at reasonable price.

About us ToolRoomCare

Why Choose BANKA ?

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    Professional skills

    Fast support in emergencies. the time factor plays the most important role. So that you can ramp up production as quickly as possible at BANKA.

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    Inspection Services

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    24/7 Hot Line

    Problems can arise at any time. Therefore, our service experts are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you look for services for your workshop, call us!

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    Our Qualified Service Engineers

About ToolRoomCare

Our Vision

To be the leading company of lathe machine that is incorporated with superior quality, cost effective, longer durability, advance technology and best after sale service provided to customer with product.


We move forward to build RAVI as a company of continues innovation. We shall have more Machine Tools products to join our products. There is no doubt that RAVI shall be playing a very important role in Indian Machine Tools Industry in near future…

Our History

We started a cast-iron foundry with conventional mechanism in 1974. Even though our production capacity was lower but they were still very useful to conventional Machine Tools Industries. Within next two years (1976) our Ravi Machine Tools manufacturing unit was on the track.


Our sales unit is also dealing in other Indian made machinery trough our attachments with all machinery manufacturers. We offer most competitive praises with unaware quality. Do not hesitate to ask us for any Indian make machine. We supplies in some government enterprises.

What Our Clients Says About Us

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    ” we indpac family really appreciate MR.SAMRAT BHAI , for the quality of his machines. We purchased few machine before 14 years before and still all of my machines are performing well in producing our products. Recently we have purchased one more machine which just arrive at my plant.I WISH HIM A GREAT SUCESS IN HIS LIFE. “


    City – Dhanbad – Jharkhand

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    “We have purchase BANKA 60 model in 2006, We are fully satisfied with this machine up to now. We have not found any single problem in this machine. We will always prefer BANKA in future”

    Shree Cement Ltd.

    City- Kushkhera- Bhiwadi

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    “Banka Machine always fulfills their promises & Commitments like free transportation, free installation and free after sales visit.We have experience of it.”

    Roop Automotives ltd.
    City -Chennai – Tamilnadu

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    “We have purchased 2 machines one by one. They remind us for care and repair of machine on monthly basis.”

    Solco Biomedical Co. (I.) Pvt. Ltd.
    City – Ahmedabad