World Wide Shipping For Any Machine

Banka Machine also deals in the transportation facility. Provide service to anywhere for transport machine  from one place to another place. We are having the very good global network with our overseas agents.

We also provide basic ground transportation for goods all over India, covering great distances and overcoming uneven terrain. We put in a lot of effort to ensure that we will never fall behind schedule.

Process Step Wise 

1) Specify Destination :

We are  providing  transportation for  from destination “A” Place to destination “B”. please give us maximum details of “A” & “B” destination.

2) Machinery information :

Machinery detail for the transportation.

  • Types of Machinery ?
  • Approximate weight of Machine?
  • Dimension & Size of the Machine?

3) Government Documentation  :

You must provide all necessary documentation for government purpose.

4) Primary visit of our technician :

 You need to pay initial money for this visit.  it is essential to understand your requirement.

5) Quotation  :

After doing all necessary checks and analysis we provide quotation by mail including all the Detail like:

  • Transportation.
  • Delivery time (Approx)
  • Installation essential
  • Terms and condition if any

6) Contract :

If you find our quotation reasonable we will make a contract before start our work.


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